Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Woodland/Nomanstone Terrace - Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Washington DC

Woodland/Nomanstone Terrace - Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Washington DC

In my novel, The Wolf Project, the hero, General Jet Meadows and his wife live in the Washing DC suburb of Wodland/Normanstone Terrace

Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Washington

"One of the safest places to live"

Woodland / Normanstone Terrace is a quiet and exclusive neighborhood of 1,181 residents located in the northwest section of the city. The neighborhood extends from Cleveland Avenue N.M to Wisconsin Avenue N.W. and from Calvert Street N.W. and 34th Street N.W. to the Rock Creek Park. 

Homes in this neighborhood are very expensive with eight recently listed for over $4,000,000 each. Neighbors will include the Vice President of the United State, who lives at the Naval Observatory, as well as a former President. 

The homes here are on beautiful, tree lined streets that are very quiet. However, shopping and dining out are problematic as this is a strictly residential area. Residents will need to venture into the adjacent neighborhoods to find shopping and dining opportunities. 

There are public parks in the neighborhood as well including Glover Park, Woodland-Nomanstone Terrace Park and parts of Montrose Park. Schools are not in this neighborhood although there are exclusive private schools nearby. 

Recent crime data indicates that there have been no crime incidents in this area. I am sure that the heavy Police presence, including the Secret Service is a big factor.

To sum it up, this neighborhood is spectacular. You can have all the luxuries of a rural neighborhood but still live right in the middle of the city. 

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