Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Wolf Project - An Extract – For Liz The Roof Falls In!

The Wolf Project - An Extract – For Liz The Roof Falls In!

“Liz lived in a small, white-washed country cottage in a peaceful wooded valley near Laugharne in South Wales. For most of the year it was idyllic and in the depths of winter she found excuses to visit her sister in London. Unfortunately, the cottage had only been partly refurbished.
By 2 am the rain was coming through the roof and she woke up with a start. It dripped right on her nose. She thought afterwards that for someone of her years, she’d moved pretty quickly down the stairs for a bucket. But, before she got to the bottom, she heard a crashcottageand the cat dashed passed her to the kitchen door. The whole ceiling had come down in the bedroom. Feeling worried and miserable, she rapped herself and the cat in a dry duvet in the sitting room and waited for morning. “You need a new roof;” Pete the local handyman had said several times in the past. Now, there would be no choice.
First thing, she gathered what belongings she could from up-stairs, stored them safely down-stairs and moved into the village pub. At lunch time she rang Alex. “I’ll complete the form this afternoon and fax it through to you!” She could hear his sigh of relief. “That’s great, Liz, but what made you change your mind?” “I need the money.” Briefly, she shared with him the saga of the roof. He was gentleman enough to sympathize and not to remind her that all her friends had told her she would be better off in town, rather than in a remote Welsh village. They agreed she would be in London by the end of the week for a visit to the Embassy. She would work hard on being cleared to meet General George C. Meadows and his wife, Annabel……”

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