Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How The Wolf Project Came To Be!

How The Wolf Project Came To Be!

I never expected to write a novel! No, that isn’t entirely true; I had stopped expecting to write a novel!

Oh, yes, early in life, I had big ideas about writing something “important.”

No, not an “everyday” novel that people would enjoy and then put down to get on with the rest of their lives. I wanted to write a work of "literature".

Did I set the bar too high? I don’t think so! I think just didn’t understand the sheer hard work and talent that goes into producing that novel that people enjoy and then put down.

Anyway, I didn't write a book and I got on with what I considered to be “real” life. I stopped expecting to write a novel.

I’ve written elsewhere about then starting to blog and the discipline in writing every day that serious blogging brings with it.  So, when I started blogging a few years ago, writing prose of all kinds became a thing of habit.
Still I had no expectations on the novel writing front.

In June 2012, things changed. I went to bed one Friday night expecting nothing out of the ordinary. But when I woke up next morning, life had changed. I’d had a dream.

I don’t know what else happened in my dream, except at one point I was walking down a country road.  I could see something that looked like a jeep coming towards me. It stopped and out of  got a figure in uniform. He stood before me looking me straight in the eye with a challenge.

I told my partner Owen that I had dreamed about an American General and I was going to write a novel. I wrote The Wolf Project and the hero, of course, is the charismatic, General Jet Meadows.

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