Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Finding Love Again

Finding Love Again

Are You Ready For Love? Take 2 Steps to Romance.

Dr. Terri Orbuch  has led a 5 year study of relationships among more than 300 couples.

"There really is a process to finding love again," says Dr. Orbuch.

Step one: Resetting your expectations. What myths are you carrying? Are they realistic? Is there a predetermined time period after death or divorce before dating again? What is your reality? When will you be ready?

Dr. Orbuch gives us tips to avoid frustration. She shows us how to approach new love.

Step Two: Get rid of excess baggage. Are you still carrying emotional baggage about your partner? How can you release the sticking points to finding people who may be attracted to you? Are you ready for love?

And while you are waiting for your date - keep up your romantic spirit - read The Wolf Project - paper back, kindle or nook

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